We can help you access some of the UK’s leading financial advice providers.  They can help with your retirement, family financial protection, wealth inheritance planning, and investment advice, including trusts.

Retirement Planning

The good news is that we are all living longer these days.  The bad news is that means we all need to start to plan for retirement earlier.  And the retirement landscape is changing by the day, so it’s crucial that you understand current and future changes and what they mean for you as you move towards retirement.  Luckily that’s where we come in.  Our expertise and experience can help you navigate the various options you have available and set you up for a financially secure retirement.

Investment Advice

Our unique position as the intermediaries’ intermediary allows us to access a huge amount of investment advice, creating solutions that are tailored just to you.  With access to the whole market, we can ensure that we help you select the most appropriate, long-term investments to deliver against your investment strategy.  We will help take a strategic view of all your assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, to craft the right approach.

Family Financial Protection

Life changes, sometimes for the good, but sometimes for the worst.  No one wants to think about the worst happening, but if it does you want to make sure your family doesn’t suffer any financial worry.  We can help you understand the implications of certain life events, good and bad, to ensure you are in the best financial place you can be.

Wealth and Inheritance Planning

Without careful and thoughtful financial planning HM Revenue and Customs can easily become the single largest beneficiary of your estate following your death.  Not a pleasant thought in every sense.  We can help you mitigate this through a range of different services including a properly written will, asset transfer through the prudent use of lifetime gifts and creating tax efficient finds that enable beneficiaries to meet their tax liabilities without losing the family wealth.

Director's Financial Planning

We can help with all aspects of director’s financial planning.  One of the key aspects here is around lifetime allowances, the amount of pension savings anyone can take in their lifetime without incurring a tax penalty. It applies to the total of all the pensions you have, including the value of pensions promised through any defined benefit schemes you belong to, but excluding your State Pension.  Fund values over this allowance will trigger a tax charge of 55% if taken as a lump sum or 25% if taken as an income stream, but subject to income tax.

General Insurance

We have access to the entire market.  We are not tied to any insurance companies, which means we can give you the highest standard of advice and select the very best product for you.   

Our single ‘Lifestyle’ policy approach means you avoid multiple renewal dates, have a single contact point for all your insurance needs, and we aspire to improve your cover and premium.